2022 Signature Series: Mental Health in America

2022 Theme: Mental Health in America

Mental health and well-being have quickly emerged as a critical national health priority. Even prior to the pandemic, growing crises such as overdose deaths and “deaths of despair” were a significant cause of public policy concern. The pandemic has subsequently contributed to and laid bare even more widespread challenges and disparities in Americans’ mental wellness. With a four-fold increase in adults who reported feeling symptoms of anxiety and depression in 2020 alone (KFF, 2021), millions of American households are affected.

In 2022, the Alliance explored the breadth and depth of U.S. mental health across three major themes: Innovation, delivery, and access, while examining health equity implications across all domains. This interactive year-long series took a deep dive into topic areas including mental health conditions, substance use and addiction medicine, and neurocognitive health, as well as the public and private sectors’ responses.

2022 Programs

◊ April » Thought Leader Discussion #1

◊ July 19 » Summit Welcome Reception

◊ July 20 » Summit on Mental Health in America

◊ August » Thought Leader #2

◊ January 20, 2023 » Public Congressional Briefing

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