States of Despair: Understanding Declining Life Expectancy in the United States

This is the resource list for the briefing on Wednesday, August 22, 2018, titled, "States of Despair: Understanding Declining Life Expectancy in the United States."

Key Resources
(listed chronologically, beginning with the most recent)

“States of Despair: A Closer Look at Rising State Death Rates from Drugs, Alcohol, and Suicide.” Hayes, S., Radley, D., McCarthy, D. The Commonwealth Fund. August 9, 2018. Available at

“Suicide Rates Rising Across the U.S.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, United States  Department of Health and Human Services. June 7, 2018. Available at

“Pain in the Nation: Healthcare Systems Brief.” Trust for America’s Health and Well Being Trust. May 17, 2018. Available at

“Toward a United States of Health: Implications of Understanding the US Burden of Disease.” Koh, H., Parekh, A. JAMA. April 10, 2018. Available at

Additional Resources
(listed chronologically, beginning with the most recent)

“Stories from Sullivan: Deaths of Despair or Access to Healthcare?” Strach, P., Perez-Chiques, E., Zuber, K. Rockefeller Institute of Government. August 15, 2018. Available at

“Is the U.S Knee-Deep in ‘Epidemics,’ or Is That Just Wishful Thinking?” Siegel, Z. The New York Times Magazine. August 14, 2018. Available at

“Opioid Abuse and Dependence: A National Tapestry of Care and Cost with a State-by-State Analysis.” FAIR Health. August 2018. Available at

“Foundations’ Role in Creating and Advancing Policies That Prevent Disease and Promote Mental Health and Well-Being.” Miller, B.F., De Biasi, A. Health Affairs. July 26, 2018. Available at

“Substance Use Disorder Confidentiality Regulations and Care Integration in Medicaid and CHIP.” Report to Congress. Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission. June 2018. Available at

“2018 Scorecard on State Health System Performance.” Radley, D., McCarthy, D., Hayes, S. The Commonwealth Fund. May 3, 2018. Available at

“The Epidemic of Despair Among White Americans: Trends in the Leading Causes of Premature Death, 1999–2015.” Stein, E., Gennuso, K., Ugboaja, D., Remington, P. American Journal of Public Health. October 1, 2017. Available at

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“Addressing the Emerging Epidemic of Despair: Hospitals Need to Take Action Against the Decline in U.S Life Expectancy.” Goldsmith, J. Hospitals and Health Networks. January 10, 2017. Available at

“The Shortening American Lifespan.” Squires, D. The Commonwealth Fund. January 4, 2017. Available at

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