An Expert Discussion on the Provider Relief Fund

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Online Webinar

Health care providers are facing prolonged financial pressure as COVID-19 continues to spread across the U.S. Congress and the administration have pursued several actions to deliver aid to hospitals, health systems, and outpatient health care practices. The largest source of federal aid is the Provider Relief Fund. Through several COVID-19 relief packages, Congress has allocated $175 billion to this fund to support a range of health care entities treating patients with COVID-19 and attenuate revenue losses brought on by a drastic decline in the utilization of other health services. The Department of Health and Human Services has released the Provider Relief Fund in several waves, but some providers most in need have faced barriers to access these funds and many continue to grapple with immense revenue losses. During this webinar, panelists addressed the following key questions:

  • How has the relief fund been distributed to date among different health care entities?
  • How have hospitals and ambulatory care providers been financially impacted by the pandemic and what are the implications for access to health services?
  • What factors should policymakers consider as they weigh additional options to support providers?


  • Suzie Desai, MBA, Senior Director, Not-For-Profit Health Care, U.S. Public Finance Ratings, S&P Global
  • Kenneth Kaufman, MBA, Managing Director and Chair, Kaufman Hall
  • Mark Miller, Ph.D., Executive Vice President of Health Care, Arnold Ventures
  • Karyn Schwartz, Senior Fellow, Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF)
  • Billy Wynne, J.D., Chairman, Wynne Health Group

This event was made possible by Arnold Ventures.