An Introduction into Behavioral Health and Primary Care Integration

Key Resources

(listed chronologically, beginning with the most recent) 

“What Is Integrated Behavioral Health Care (IBHC)?” Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, The Academy: Integrating Behavioral Health & Primary Care. September 29, 2022. Available here. 

“What Policymakers Can Do to Address Our Behavioral Health Crisis.” Counts, N., Nuzum, R. Commonwealth Fund. September 21, 2022. Available here. 

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Additional Resources

(listed chronologically, beginning with the most recent) 

“Primary Care Behavioral Health Model.” Rural Health Information Hub. September 29, 2022. Available here. 

“WHO Guide for Integration of Perinatal Mental Health in Maternal and Child Health Services.” World Health Organization. September 19, 2022. Available here. 

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