Basics of Budget Reconciliation and the Connection to Health Policy


Sarah Kuehl Egge
SplitOak Strategies, Principal

Purva Rawal
Capview Strategies, Principal

Rodney Whitlock
McDermott+Consulting, Vice President

Experts and Analysts

James C. Capretta
American Enterprise Institute, Resident Fellow; Milton Friedman Chair

Greg D’Angelo
The Nickles Group, Vice President

Marc Goldwein
Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, Senior Vice President and Senior Policy Director

Seth Hanlon
Center for American Progress, Senior Fellow

Larry Levitt
Kaiser Family Foundation, Senior Vice President for Health Reform

Nina Owcharenko Schaefer
The Heritage Foundation, Senior Research Fellow, Domestic Policy Studies, Health Policy

Paul N. Van de Water
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Senior Fellow

David Wessel
Brookings Institute, Director, Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy, Senior Fellow – Economic Studies


Brian Gillis
Office of Management and Budget, Budget Officer

Theresa A. Gullo
Congressional Budget Office, Director, Budget Analysis Division

Megan S. Lynch
Congressional Research Services, Specialist on Congress and the Legislative Process