Health Policy Roundup: Background on FDA User Fee Programs

This event will explain user fee programs and their role within the drug development and FDA regulatory review process. Panelists will provide insights on the stakeholders, timeline, the process of reauthorization, the history of these bills being used for broader health legislative initiatives, and explore lessons learned.

Health Policy Roundup: State Policy Analysis and Priorities

This briefing will provide a round-up of state-level policies enacted during the past few years that are focused on cost containment, complex care, and drug pricing reform. Panelists will overview health policies implemented and evaluated at the state level, synthesize major lessons and takeaways from these policies, and highlight states or programs to watch in 2022.

Health Policy Roundup: Recent Trends in Coverage Enrollment and Affordability

This event highlighted current trends in enrollment, premiums, and out-of-pocket costs in private insurance markets, and presented challenges and opportunities in getting eligible consumers enrolled in appropriate coverage. Panelists also explored coverage affordability and enrollment levers, including potential policy actions at federal and state levels.

Health Policy Roundup: Federal Policy Analysis and Priorities

This event explored health policy milestones from the past year and their potential impact on 2022. Panelists offered a high-level analysis of the policies that Congress and the administration have pursued to date, potential implementation opportunities and challenges, as well as current health-related court cases.