Expert List: Affordable Care Act

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Drew Altman, president and CEO, Kaiser Family Foundation, 650/854-9400

Joseph Antos, Wilson H. Taylor scholar in health care and retirement policy, American Enterprise Institute, 202/862-5938,

Joel Ario, managing director, Manatt Health Solutions, 202-585-6500,

Lynn Blewett, professor, health policy & management, University of Minnesota, 612-624-4802,

Linda Blumberg, senior fellow, Urban Institute, 202/261-5709,

Tom Bradley, chief, Health Systems and Medicare Cost Estimates Unit, Congressional Budget Office, 202/226-9010,

Mollyann Brodie, executive director, public opinion and survey research, Kaiser Family Foundation, 650/854-9400

Stuart Butler, senior fellow, The Brookings Institution, 202/238-3183,

Michael Cannon, director of health policy studies, Cato Institute, 202/789-5200,

James Capretta, resident fellow and Milton Friedman chair, American Enterprise Insititute,

Sean Cavanaugh, chief administrative officer, Aledade, Inc., 347/886-4080,

Lanhee Chen, David and Diane Steffy Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University,

Gary Claxton, vice president, director, Health Care Marketplace Project, co-director, Program for the Study of Health Reform and Private Insurance, Kaiser Family Foundation, 202/347-5270

Sara Collins, vice president, health care coverage and access, The Commonwealth Fund, 212/606-3838,

Sabrina Corlette, research professor and project director, Georgetown University Center on Health Insurance Reforms, 202-687-3003,

Cynthia Cox, associate director, Program for the Study of Health Reform and Private Insurance, Kaiser Family Foundation, 202/347-5270,

John Dicken, director, health care issues, Government Accountability Office, 202-512-7043,

Stan Dorn, senior fellow, Health Policy Center, Urban Institute, 202/261-5709,

Dianne Faup, founding partner, Speire Healthcare Strategies, 615-386-7061,

Paul Fronstin, director, Health Research & Education Program, Employee Benefit Research Institute, 202/775-6352,

Jon Gabel, senior fellow, National Opinion Research Center, 301/634-9313,

Rachel Garfield, associate director, Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured, Kaiser Family Foundation, 202/347-5270

Paul Ginsburg, director, Leonard D. Schaeffer Initiative for Innovation in Health Policy, University of Southern California, 202-797-6268,

Dan Hawkins, senior vice president for public policy and research, National Association of Community Health Centers, 202/296-0131,

Douglas Holtz-Eakin, president, American Action Forum, 202-559-6420,

Timothy Jost, Robert L. Willett Family Professor of Law, Washington and Lee School of Law, 540-564-2524,

Genevieve Kenney, codirector, Urban Institute Health Policy Center, 202/261-5709,

Jon Kingsdale, director, Wakely Consulting Group, 339-927-1138,

Larry Levitt, senior vice president, special initiatives, Kaiser Family Foundation, 650/854-9400

Dan Mendelson, CEO, Morgan Health, JPMorgan Chase & Co,

Thomas Miller, resident fellow, American Enterprise Institute, 202/862-5886,

Robert Moffitt, senior fellow, Heritage Foundation, 202/608-6210,

Rachel Nuzum, vice president, federal and state health policy, The Commonwealth Fund, 202/292-6722,

Kavita Patel, nonresident fellow, economic studies, The Brookings Institution, 310/968-1627

Kip Piper, president, Health Results Group, 202/558-5658,

Karen Pollitz, senior fellow, Health Reform and Private Insurance, Kaiser Family Foundation, 202/347-5270,

Chas Roades, chief research officer, The Advisory Board Company, 202/266-5326,

Sara Rosenbaum, professor, George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health, 202-994-4230,

John Rother, president and CEO, National Coalition on Health Care, 202/638-7151,

Diane Rowland, executive vice president, Kaiser Family Foundation, 202/347-5270,

Robin Rudowitz, associate director, Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured, Kaiser Family Foundation, 202/347-5270,

Alina Salganicoff, vice president and director, Women’s Health Policy, Kaiser Family Foundation, 650/854-9400

Benjamin Sommers, assistant professor, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, 857-540-1126,

Jennifer Tolbert, director of state health reform and associate director of the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured, Kaiser Family Foundation, 202/654-1417,

Cori Uccello, senior health fellow, American Academy of Actuaries, 202-223-8196,

Brian Webb, manager, health policy and legislation, National Association of Insurance Commissioners, 202/471-3978,

Gail Wilensky, senior fellow, Project HOPE, 301/347-3902,

Joel Zinberg, visiting scholar, American Enterprise Institute,