FDA Approval Pathways 101

Key Resources

(listed chronologically, beginning with the most )

“FDA 101: An Overview of FDA’s Regulatory Review and Research Activities.” U.S. Food and Drug Administration. December 17, 2021. Available here.

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“Drug Approval Pathways.” American Academy of Neurology. December 2020. Available here.

“Fast Track, Breakthrough Therapy, Accelerated Approval, Priority Review.” U.S. Food and Drug Administration. February 23, 2018. Available here.

Additional Resources

(listed chronologically, beginning with the most recent)

“Senate HELP Committee Advances User Fee Reauthorization.” Mahr, K., Owermohle, S. Politico. June 15, 2022. Available here.

“About the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Sentinel Initiative.” U.S. Food and Drug Administration. 2022. Available here.

“The Basics and the Process of Drug Approval.” DiProspero, D., CRB Group. 2022. Available here.

“Lessons From COVID-19: How Policymakers Should Reform the Regulation of Clinical Testing.” Sluzala, Z., Haislmaier, E. The Heritage Foundation. March 28, 2022. Available here.

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“Accelerated Approval—An Unexpected Pathway To Value-Based Pricing?” Lederer, N., Dusetzina, S. Health Affairs. August 18, 2021. Available here.

“ICER Publishes White Paper Evaluating Policy Options to Strengthen FDA’s Accelerated Approval Pathway for Prescription Drugs.” Kaltenboeck, A., Mehlman, A., Pearson, S. Institute for Clinical and Economic Review. April 26, 2021. Available here.

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“KHN launches “Pre$cription for Power,” a groundbreaking database to expose Big Pharma’s ties to patient groups.” Kopp, E., Lupkin, S., Lucas, E. Kaiser Health News. April 6, 2018. Available here.

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