The period of time an individual is required to, or agrees to, remain registered with a particular provider or group of providers, or remain enrolled in a particular health care plan.

Long-Term Care Partnership Program

A program that combines private LTC insurance with special access to Medicaid. This program encourages qualified individuals to purchase a limited, and therefore more affordable, amount of LTC insurance coverage, with the assurance that they could receive additional LTC services through the Medicaid program as needed after their insurance coverage is exhausted, without having to deplete their assets to the level typically required in order to be Medicaid eligible.

long-term services and supports (LTSS)

Ongoing health and social services provided for individuals who need continuing assistance with activities of daily living and/or instrumental activities of daily living. Services can be provided in an institution, the home or the community, and include informal services provided by family and friends as well as formal services provided by professionals or agencies. Medicaid is the primary payer of LTSS services in nursing homes. (See Long-Term Services and Supports chapter.)

Low-Income Subsidy (LIS)

Under the Medicare Part D Low Income Subsidy, some Medicare beneficiaries will qualify for additional help with their prescription drug costs depending on income. Beneficiaries can qualify for either a full subsidy or a partial subsidy under the LIS program.