Health Policy Roundup: Recent Trends in Coverage Enrollment and Affordability

Key Resources 

(listed chronologically, beginning with the most recent) 

“State Trends in Employer Premiums and Deductibles, 2010-2020.” The Commonwealth Fund. January 12, 2022. Available here. 

“HHS Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2023 Proposed Rule Fact Sheet.” Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. December 28, 2021. Available here 

“No Surprises Act Implementation: What to Expect in 2022.” Pollitz, K. Kaiser Family Foundation. December 10, 2021. Available here 

“Request for Information: Assessing How Common Practices and Methods Used by Health Actuaries and Health Plans Affect Health Disparities.” American Academy of Actuaries. October 29, 2021. Available here 

“How Insurance Marketplace Regulators Can Help Consumers Enroll in Better Coverage.” RAND Corporation. August 2, 2021. Available here. 

“Coverage and Affordability in the Private Insurance Market.” Alliance for Health Policy. July 9, 2019. Available here 

Additional Resources 

(listed chronologically, beginning with the most recent) 

“Findings About the Dual-Eligible Consumer Experience.” Arnold Ventures. January 12, 2022. Available here 

“How Medicare Advantage Plans Can Support the United States’ Reinvestment in Health.” Gilfillan, R., Berwick, D., Kronick, R. Health Affairs. January 10, 2022. Available here. 

“State “Easy Enrollment” Programs Gain Momentum, Lay Groundwork for Additional Efforts to Expand Coverage.” Schwab, R., Giovannelli, J., Lucia, K., Corlette, S. The Commonwealth Fund. August 3, 2021. Available here.  

“State Efforts to Standardize Marketplace Health Plans Show How the Biden Administration Could Improve Value and Reduce Disparities.” Giovannelli, J., Schwab, R., Lucia, K. The Commonwealth Fund. July 28, 2021. Available here.  

“As the Pandemic Eases, What is the State of Health Care Coverage and Affordability in the U.S.?” The Commonwealth Fund. July 16, 2021. Available here. 

“How States Can Build on the ACA to Improve Affordability and Lower Health Care Costs.” Center for American Progress. July 15, 2021. Available here. 

“Fixing the ACA’s Family Glitch.” Health Affairs. May 20, 2021. Available here. 

“Making Employer-Sponsored Insurance More Affordable.” Health Affairs. May 17, 2021. Available here. 

“Health Coverage by Race and Ethnicity, 2010-2019.” Kaiser Family Foundation. July 16, 2021. Available here 

“Changing the “Family Glitch” Would Make Health Coverage More Affordable for Many Families.” Urban Institute. May 11, 2021. Available here. 

“The Enrollment Coalition.” Leavitt Partners. 2021. Available here. 

“The Benefits and Limitations of State-Run Individual Market Reinsurance.” Giovannellli, J., Volk, J., Schwab, R., and Curran, E. The Commonwealth Fund. November 11, 2020. Available here. 

“Unpacking Colorado’s New Guidance on Transgender Health.” Keith,  K. The Commonwealth Fund. November 10, 2021. Available here. 

“State-Based Marketplaces Gear Up to Implement the American Rescue Plan.” Corlette, S. and Schwab, R. The Commonwealth Fund. April 20, 2021. Available here.  

“Updating the Essential Health Benefit Benchmark Plan: An Unexpected Path to Fill Coverage Gaps?” Corlette, S. and Ario, J. State Health and Value Strategies. September 11, 2020. Available here. 

“States Work to Make Individual Market Health Coverage More Affordable, but Long-Term Solutions Call for Federal Leadership.” Giovannelli, J., Volk, J., and Lucia, K. The Commonwealth Fund. January 15, 2020. Available here. 

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