Materials List: Medicaid Moving Forward

Materials List

Medicaid Moving Forward
Hart Senate Office Building (Room 902)
Monday, April 3, 2017
All materials can be found in full at the sources indicated

Printed Materials

“Alternative Approaches to Federal Medicaid Financing.” Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission (MACPAC). June 2016. Available at

“Essentials of Health Policy: A Sourcebook for Journalists and Policymakers – Medicaid and CHIP.” The Alliance for Health Reform. 2017. Available at

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“Update on Medicaid Expansion via 1115 Waivers.” National Association of Community Health Centers. June 2016. Available at

“Waivers represent a quieter way for Republicans to change health care.” Rachel Gershon. STAT. March 29, 2017. Available at

“Aiming Higher: Results from the Commonwealth Fund Scorecard on State Health System Performance, 2017 Edition.” David C. Radley, Douglas McCarthy, and Susan L. Hayes. The Commonwealth Fund. March 2017.

Additional Materials

“House Republican Health Care Bill Misses the Mark.” Edmund F. Haislmaier. March 7, 2017. Available at

“JAMA Forum: Addressing Social Issues Affecting Health to Improve US Health Outcomes.” Gail Wilensky. The JAMA Forum. March 16, 2016. Available at

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“Medicaid Financing: The Basics.” Robin Rudowitz. Kaiser Family Foundation. December 2016. Available at

“‘Medicaid Oversight: Existing Problems and Ways to Strengthen the Program’ Hearing before the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, Committee on Energy and Commerce, House, 114th Cong. (Statement by Josh Archambault, MPP).” Foundation for Government Accountability. January 31, 2017. Available at

“Medicaid Pocket Primer.” Kaiser Family Foundation. January 2017. Available at

“The Future of Medicaid Transformation: A Practical Guide for States,” Hemi Tewarson, Frederic Isasi, and Hilary Kennedy. National Governors Association. July 22, 2016. Available at

“Trends in Medicaid Spending.” Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission (MACPAC). June 2016. Available at