Unpacking Policy Options to Promote Prescription Drug Affordability

Hart Senate Office Building, Room 216

Public Briefing

While pharmaceutical innovation has resulted in treatments—and in some cases, cures—for debilitating diseases, high prescription drug prices have precluded access for many people in the U.S. This fall, Congress and the administration are poised to consider many policies to reform the prescription drug market and reduce prices paid by consumers as well as public and private payers. During this briefing, panelists discussed components of policy proposals under consideration and explored evidence about their implications for the health care system.


Kirsten Axelsen, M.S.
Visiting Fellow, American Enterprise Institute

Kristi Martin, M.A., MPA
Senior Vice President, Waxman Strategies

James C. Robinson, Ph.D., MPH
Leonard D. Schaeffer Endowed Chair in Health Economics and Policy; Director, Berkeley Center for Health Technology; Division Head, Health Policy & Management, UC Berkeley School of Public Health

Lovisa Gustafsson, MBA 
Assistant Vice President, The Commonwealth Fund (Moderator)



This event was made possible by The Commonwealth Fund.