About Us

The Alliance for Health Policy is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping policymakers and the public better understand health policy, the root of the nation’s health care issues, and the trade-offs posed by various proposals for change. We believe a better health care system begins with a balanced exchange of evidence, experience, and multiple perspectives. Regardless of their point of view, our audience recognizes the Alliance’s reputation as a well-respected source for unbiased health policy information.

Our Mission

To inform solutions for improving health and health care in the United States by advancing health policy knowledge and facilitating solutions-focused dialogue among diverse stakeholders and leaders.

Our Vision

To improve health and health care by fostering a balanced exchange of evidence, experience, and multiple perspectives.

Our Values

◊ Collaborative learning, grounded in evidence and informed by experience: We promote a shared understanding of the facts and real-life experiences that affect health and health care in America.

◊ Constructive and proactive problem solving: We come to every conversation ready to bring out the best ideas for solving problems.

Inclusive, equitable and respectful dialogue: We include diverse perspectives in consequential conversations and are committed to creating an environment where people can hear each other across differences.

◊ Discernment and integrity: We are committed to navigating complex issues with good judgment and in good faith.

◊ Responsiveness and accountability: We serve as a reliable and approachable source of excellent information for the health policy community.

What We Do

Health policy isn’t easy. For 30 years, the Alliance has helped to clarify and synthesize current issues for generations of policymakers and staff. But we do more than inform policymakers–we create a forum for dialogue by bringing together the health policy community to advance the conversation on tough issues. The Alliance has conducted hundreds of briefings on Capitol Hill, online, and around the nation on timely and important health policy topics. Our in-person events are among the most widely-respected and well-attended in Washington, DC, regularly drawing audiences of 200 or more congressional and agency staff, media, and health policy stakeholders. Our virtual and televised briefings have reached tens of thousands of additional experts, policymakers, and practitioners around the country. Whether they are new to health policy or seasoned experts, our audience looks to the Alliance as the trusted source of health policy information.

Our Success

The Alliance is unique among entities in the Washington, DC, area: Our goal is to carry out unbiased educational events for health care policymakers. Through our programs, including policy retreats for congressional staff and members of Congress, briefings for the health policy community, and press briefings, we bring together top national experts to convey the foundations of health policy and advance the dialogue on challenging health policy issues.