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About the Series

The Alliance for Health Policy’s annual Signature Series addresses the most challenging issues in health policy by convening cross-sector dialogues with experts in both policy and practice. Together, we critically examine these issues to identify what’s at stake, as well as areas of challenge and opportunity. 

We actively listen to our community of policymakers and public health leaders to discover the issues they find most pressing.

Each year as part of the Series, the Alliance leverages our extensive network of experts and leaders to gather the best and brightest minds from across the health care industry. We challenge them to examine current barriers, highlight promising opportunities, and curate new ideas and approaches to tackle these topics. The resulting events take a unique look at intractable and emerging issues.

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“The Alliance has been the best at creating spaces that are interactive and engaging. They add value to this new, hybrid environment and allow us to interact with our fellow participants on a deeper level.”

-2022 Signature Series sponsor

2024 Theme

AI in Health – Navigating New Frontiers

This year, the Signature Series delves into the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in both health
care and health policy. In an era where data-driven decisions are paramount, AI offers unprecedented
opportunities for efficiency, personalization, and innovation on a mass scale. Yet, it also raises critical questions
about ethics, privacy, and equitable access. Our Series brings together the sharpest minds in the field to
dissect these complexities. Through our unique model of diverse dialogue and evidence-based discourse, we
will explore how AI can and is reshaping health care—from patient care and delivery to policy actions to inform
legislation and decision-making.

Signature Series Elements

The Signature Series is composed of six key elements designed to listen, engage, and educate. Throughout the year, each event builds upon itself, taking knowledge gained from the previous activity to inform the next. Our programs are founded upon diverse viewpoints and perspectives, ensuring each topic is holistically approached. Events culminate in a summary of lessons learned and actionable next steps for consideration by the health policy community and the broader health stakeholder ecosystem.

In addition to these events, the Alliance engages in an intense and iterative process to reach out to frontline experts, academics, and stakeholders via focus group sessions, office hours, and other facilitated discussions.



Exclusive Thought Leader Group Reception & Working Group Session in Washington, DC


Signature Series Summit and Welcome Reception


Spotlight Webinar


Congressional Briefing on Capitol Hill


Publication of Series Report

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    In an environment that is ever more challenging, the Alliance remains unique in its ability to convene diverse, bipartisan leaders from a range of audiences to generate productive discussions on shared principles and areas of consensus.

    Supporting the Signature Series is a commitment to tackling the issues at the heart of today’s health policy discussions and engaging in solution-focused dialogues with colleagues from across the broader health policy community, including academics, practitioners, and more. It offers you the opportunity to connect with key individuals of influence and provides your organization with premier recognition and visibility throughout the year.

      Explore Events

      Since 2017 the Alliance for Health Policy has hosted our annual Signature Series. Explore upcoming events and past themes below.

      In 2024, the Signature Series delves into the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in both health care and health policy.

      Envisioning a Person-First Health System

      This year we will convene Thought Leaders to identify the key attributes of a health system that prioritizes patient-first outcomes, experience, and innovation.

      Mental Health in America

      In 2022, the Alliance explored the breadth and depth of U.S. mental health across three major themes: Innovation, Delivery, and Access, while examining health equity implications across all domains. This interactive year-long series took a deep dive into topic areas including mental health conditions, substance use and addiction medicine, and neurocognitive health, as well as the public and private sectors’ responses.

      Health and the Economy & Health Equity

      In 2021, the Alliance for Health Policy’s Signature Series discussions focused on health equity, health data and the implications on the economy.

      Disruptors and Transformers & Voice of the Patient

      In 2020, the Alliance’s Signature Series discussions focused on industry disruption, transformation and centering the patient’s voice.

      Solving for Health

      This series delved into key questions surrounding innovations in health care with a particular focus on potential paths to identifying and achieving value.

      Opportunities for Progress

      The 2018 Signature Series – Opportunities for Progress addressed new proposals for change through honest dialogues and multiple perspectives on two critical health policy topics: health care costs and aging.

      Future of Health Care

      As part of our 25th anniversary programming, the Alliance hosted the Future of Health Care Summit Series in 2017, highlighting progress on three persistent health policy issues and examining prospects for moving forward.

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