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Since 1992, the Alliance for Health Policy has provided policymaker staff with education on the basics of health care policy.

About Health Policy Academy

With increasingly demanding workloads, seeking out accurate, unbiased health policy information is necessity for Hill staff. Since 1992, the Alliance has delivered consistent, impartial education on a range of health policy fundamentals. Our Health Policy Academy is our flagship vehicle for bipartisan, stakeholder neutral, 101-level education in a way that is responsive to policymaker staff needs.

Health Policy Academy sessions equip new congressional and executive branch staffers and those wanting a refresher with practical knowledge about the fundamentals facets of the health care system and the related policymaking process.

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"The speakers at Health Policy Academy, session topics, and networking opportunities were great! I learned a lot."

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Session 1
Session 1

Health Care Coverage in the United States

Session 2
Session 2

Introduction to Congress and the Legislative Process

Session 3
Session 3

Introduction to the Regulatory Process

Session 4
Session 4

*Rotates Annually based on Policymaker Needs*

Sponsorship Opportunities

In an environment that is ever more challenging, the Alliance remains unique in its ability to convene diverse, bipartisan leaders from a range of audiences to generate productive discussions on shared principles and areas of consensus.

Supporting Health Policy Academy is a commitment to providing a trusted source of health policy information to help close knowledge gaps for congressional staff. Your support can help equip staff with the policy knowledge and practical know-how to engage in constructive conversations, and support the Alliance in building a diverse, bipartisan pipeline of current and future health policy leaders who can move the needle on key public health issues.


    Event Details

    April 14, 2023

    The Health Policy Academy equipped staffers at the start of their career in health policy with practical knowledge about fundamental facets of the health care system and the legislative process. The four sessions addressed a variety of health policy topics, including health care financing, costs, and coverage, navigating the legislative...

    April 16, 2021

    This multi-day virtual academy equipped staffers at the start of their career in health policy (or those that needed a refresher) with practical knowledge about fundamental facets of the health care system and the policymaking process. Sessions will feature speakers with experience working in/with federal policy institutions, including Congress and...

    March 6, 2020

    We would like to invite you to join us for a day-long conference focusing on the fundamentals of health policy, the American health care system, and how it relates to the legislative process. “Health Policy Academy” is ideal for Congressional staff members looking to expand and strengthen their knowledge of...

    January 25, 2019

    Engage in conversations featuring panelists of policy experts from across the nation and familiarize yourself with potential health policy issues in the 2019 legislative cycle. With the introduction of the 116th Congress, we are grateful that you could join us for an opportunity to explore the foundations and fundamentals of...

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