Signature Series 2021

Health and the Economy & Health Equity

In 2021, the Alliance for Health Policy’s Signature Series discussions focused on health equity, health data and the implications on the economy.

Event Details

June 9, 2021

The Health and the Economy Summit, a program of the 2021 Signature Series, explored how the health care ecosystem and the health of our nation’s population have become inextricably intertwined with the financial health of our country. Throughout the virtual Summit, keynote speakers and expert panels discussed the economic impact of COVID-19 at the individual, […]

August 19, 2021

While the COVID-19 pandemic has remained a national priority for health and non-health sectors alike, there is a second nation-wide health concern that has been quietly growing – a mental health crisis. Prior to 2020, 1 in 10 adults reported feeling symptoms of anxiety and depression, a number that has now grown to 4 in […]

September 15, 2021

Conversations around health equity and social determinants of health have received heightened attention and are continuously evolving within the health policy community. The COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with eye-opening events that garnered international attention, has been one of the health policy community’s greatest teachers, putting equity and health justice at top of mind and accelerating multi-sectoral […]

October 15, 2021

Health data is critical for health care decision making and policy development. It can be used to determine a course of treatment, coverage eligibility, and even insurance premiums, but can be vulnerable to flaws like missing information or bias. The COVID-19 pandemic presents a notable example of the challenges and opportunities in leveraging health data. […]

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