Better Health through Data: Opportunities and Limitations of Health Data

Key Resources

(listed chronologically, beginning with the most recent)

“A Vision for Equitable Data Recommendations from the Equitable Data Working Group.” The White House. April 22, 2022. Available here.

 “Improving Data on Race and Ethnicity: A Roadmap to Measure and Advance Health Equity.” Grantmakers in Health. December 2021. Available here.

“Advancing Health Equity Requires More and Better Data.” Artiga, S. Kaiser Family Foundation. October 27, 2021. Available here.

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“Eliminating Bias in Health Data Science.” Danka-Mullan, I. IBM Watson Health Perspectives. June 24, 2020. Available here.

Additional Resources

“Patients Want Privacy, Accountability for How Their Health Data Is Used.” Henry, T. American Medical Association. August 15, 2022. Available here.

“Collection of Race and Ethnicity Data for Use by Health Plans to Advance Health Equity.” Haley, J., Dubay, L., Garret, B., et al. Urban Institute. July 22, 2022. Available here.

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“Improving Race and Ethnicity Data Collection: A First Step to Furthering Health Equity Through the State-Based Marketplaces.” Palanker, D., Clark, J., Monahan, C. The Commonwealth Fund. June 9, 2022.

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“Collecting Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Information.” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. March 9, 2022. Available here.

“Public Health Is Missing Crucial Data on LGBTQIA+ People. It’s Not Hard to Collect” Cahill, S. Stat. January 14, 2022. Available here.

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“Race, Ethnicity, and Language Data: Standardization for Health Care Quality Improvement.” Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. October 2018. Available here.

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