Coordinated Care and Beyond: The Future of Chronic Care


This half-day summit, the second in a series of three, examined how to improve care for patients with complex, chronic conditions.

The summit consisted of three panels, each focusing into a different aspect of health care for chronic conditions and incorporating the views of a diverse group of experts:

Future Trends in Chronic Care

This session examined why it is vital that all health care stakeholders pay attention now to the increasing incidence of chronic conditions as the baby boomers age into Medicare, rising health care costs and the coming crisis in long-term care for frail older Americans. Panelists also explored policy options for improving quality and keeping care affordable.

Coverage and Chronic Care

This panel explored the role of public and private health insurance in covering people with chronic conditions, what benefit structures make the most sense in preventing and managing chronic conditions, and what role patients can take in preventing and managing chronic conditions.

The Future of Integrated Care for Complex Chronic Conditions: What’s Working, What’s Not?

This panel discussed what integrated care is and what is needed to scale successful care delivery models for people with chronic conditions and their families. The panel also examined the role of nonmedical factors like homelessness and food insecurity that compound the challenges of caring for people with chronic conditions, along with the possibilities of emerging technologies to improve care.

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