Coverage in an Evolving Market — The Future of Health Insurance


This half-day summit, the first in a series of three, focused on the future of health insurance, examining the realities of today’s insurance markets, policy options under consideration, and the outlook for the future.

The summit consisted of four panels, each focusing into a different aspect of health insurance and incorporating the views of a diverse group of experts.

Alliance for Health Reform Future of Health Insurance Summit

The State of Play: Challenges and Issues in Health Insurance

As policymakers debate major changes to the insurance system, what are the issues and approaches on the table, and what might come up this year?

Stabilizing the Individual Insurance Market

What approaches have promise for getting people to buy insurance? What does a balanced risk pool look like and how do we achieve it?

Medicaid Moving Forward

There is considerable interplay between Medicaid/CHIP and the individual market. How will changes to these programs affect private insurance and how will coverage for low-income people be affected?

On the Ground Considerations and Implications

What are important factors and trends about the future that policymakers should consider when making health care policy decisions this year?

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