Health Insurance Exchanges: Can States and the Federal Government Meet the Deadline?

July 27, 2012

According to the health reform law, health insurance exchanges are to begin covering people in every state by January 2014. While some states have made progress toward establishing their own exchanges by this deadline, others have displayed little activity in this arena. Now that the Supreme Court has ruled on the constitutionality of the law, many states are just now beginning to think about their options for state-run exchanges and federal-state partnerships to run them. With implementation and evaluation deadlines rapidly approaching, state governments face the challenge to decide and act quickly.

What needs to happen between now and January 2014 for states to successfully implement exchanges and other aspects of health reform? What are options for states if they fail to meet the upcoming November deadline for declaring their exchange plans? Will the federal government be prepared to administer exchanges in states that are not building their own? What are potential challenges of implementing the federal exchange, especially in states that have expressed opposition to the law? Will individuals who enroll in health plans through the federal exchange still be eligible for subsidies or premium tax credits? What does the Supreme Court ruling on the Medicaid expansion mean for exchanges and coverage for the population below 133 percent of the federal poverty level?

To address these questions and more, the Alliance for Health Reform and The Commonwealth Fund are sponsoring a July 27 breakfast briefing. Speakers will be: Mike Hash, Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight, HHS; Timothy Jost, Washington and Lee University; Krista Drobac, National Governors Association; and Brian Webb, National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Ed Howard of the Alliance for Health Reform and Sara Collins of The Commonwealth Fund will co-moderate


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