Medicare and Prescription Drug Prices

October 26, 2016

While recent pharmaceutical innovations offer unprecedented possibilities for curing, treating, and preventing disease, stakeholders throughout the health care system have serious concerns about prescription drug affordability. Payment methods that incorporate concepts of value and patient-centered care are among the emerging policy options to address the cost of drugs for Medicare patients.

This briefing featured presentations by our experts highlighting the trends in Medicare regarding prescription drug pricing, and panelists discussed an array of policy options to align drug prices with value through alternative payment models.

Mark McClellan, Duke University

Gerard Anderson, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Laura Keohane, Vanderbilt University Department of Health Policy

Sarah Dash of the Alliance for Health Reform and Shawn Bishop of The Commonwealth Fund moderated the discussion.

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The Alliance for Health Reform gratefully acknowledges the support of The Commonwealth Fund for this event.


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Alliance Briefing on Medicare and Prescription Drug Prices

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