SCHIP and Beyond: Improving Health Care Coverage and Quality for Children

March 12, 2007

Dollar for dollar, providing better health care for children represents one of the best returns on investment available in the U.S. This involves not only better monitoring of quality and making quality improvements, but also enrolling eligible children in health programs such as SCHIP and Medicaid. And it means ensuring that health care systems – including safety net providers and health insurers – are responsive to the unique health needs of children.

How are we doing as a nation with children’s health quality and access? What issues affecting quality and access are on the table in the debate over whether, and in what form, to reauthorize SCHIP? In addition to reauthorizing SCHIP, what other improvements can we make in children’s access to quality care?

To discuss these and related questions, The Commonwealth Fund and the Alliance for Health Reform sponsored a March 12 luncheon briefing. Panelists were: Jeanne Lambrew and Sara Rosenbaum of the George Washington University, Nina Owcharenko of the Heritage Foundation, and Debbie Chang of Nemours Health and Prevention Services. Ed Howard of the Alliance and Anne Gauthier of The Commonwealth moderated the session.


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