What’s Next? Reporting on Health Reform Between Now and 2014

June 10, 2010

For reporters covering health reform, the subject can now seem more complicated than ever. Implementation timelines go on for page after page. Many questions appear to have no answers, at least not yet.

Seems like a good time to take a breath and plot out how to cover health reform for the rest of this year, and the time leading up to 2014. Who are the key players within HHS who’ll be drawing up the regs? How can you stay on top of the various implementation deadlines? How do you tie local issues to national decision-making on reform? What’s the likely role of the states in implementation, and how can coverage be coordinated between the Washington bureaus and the beat reporters back home? What are some possibilities for freelancers in covering reform? How does the role of bloggers differ from that of others covering this topic?

To address these questions and more, the Alliance for Health Reform, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Association of Health Care Journalists sponsored a June 10 briefing. Panelists were: Phil Galewitz of Kaiser Health News, Joanne Kenen of the New America Foundation’s New Health Dialogue Blog, Noam Levey of the Los Angeles Times and Julie Rovner of National Public Radio. Ed Howard of the Alliance moderated.


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