Medicare 101

Key Resources 

(listed chronologically, beginning with most recent)

“Enrollment in MA Plans with SSBCI Nearly Quadrupled Since 2020.” Fix, A., Neumann, A., Kazan, M. Avalere. April 6. 2022. Available here.

“March 2022 Report to the Congress: Medicare Payment Policy.” The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC). March 15, 2022. Available here.

“Taking Stock of Medicare Advantage Blog Series.” Jacobson, G., Mir, A., Socker, E. The Commonwealth Fund. February 17, 2022. Available here.

“Payment Basics.” The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC). November 2021. Available here.

“Podcast Episode 45: The Innovation Revolution with CMMI’s Deputy Director Amy Bassano.” Wedi. July 21, 2021. Available here.

“Health Policy Handbook, Chapter 2: Coverage.” Rawal, P., Whitlock, R. Alliance for Health Policy. July 20, 2021. Available here.

Additional Resources

(listed chronologically, beginning with most recent)

“Medicare Part B Drugs: Cost Implications for Beneficiaries in Traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage.” Cubanski, J., Sroczynski, N., and Neuman, T. Kaiser Family Foundation. March 15, 2022. Available here.

“Medicare Advantage in 2022.” Capretta, J. American Enterprise Institute. March 1, 2022. Available here.

“CMS Redesigns Accountable Care Organization Model to Provide Better Care for People with Traditional Medicare.” Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. February 24, 2022. Available here.

“How and Why the Value Based Payment (Pay for Performance) Model is Trending in the Healthcare Industry.” Meola, A. Business Insider. February 26, 2021. Available here.

“Fact Sheet: Understanding Medicare Advantage.” Better Medicare Alliance. February 2022. Available here.

“CMS Equity Plan for Medicare.” Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. December 1, 2021. Available here.

“The Next Step in Medicare Reform.” Miller, B., Wilensky, G. The Heritage Foundation. September 16, 2020. Available here.

“Medicare Health Quality Measures Get Closer Look in Pandemic.” Reed, A. Bloomberg Law. September 7, 2021. Available here.

“Medicare Advantage in 2021: Star Risings and Bonuses.” Biniek, J., Freed, M., Damico, A., et al. Kaiser Family Foundation. June 21, 2021. Available here.

“Commonwealth Fund Task Force on Payment and Delivery System Reform.” The Commonwealth Fund. November 17, 2020. Available here.

“The Promise of Value-Based Health Care in a Pandemic.” Axelsen, K., Grinstead, J. American Enterprise Institute. July 21, 2020. Available here.

“Medicare Advantage.” Kaiser Family Foundation. June 6, 2019. Available here.

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