Summit on Mental Health in America: Agenda

Summit Agenda:

Session times, panelists, and keynotes to be announced soon. Continental breakfast provided beginning at 8:30 a.m.; box lunch provided.

Keynote: Perspectives on Mental Health Policy from Secretary Becerra

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra will provide a keynote address on HHS’ top priorities in mental health, promising advancements to date, and insights on future objectives.

Panel #1 | At your Fingertips: Expanding Access to Mental and Behavioral Health Care via 988 Implementation (Presented by Tradeoffs)

The National Suicide Hotline Designation Act was signed into law in 2020, which assigns 9-8-8 as the three digit, go-to number amid a need for a nationwide mental health response hotline. As implementation of the 988-hotline will kick off on July 16, this discussion will explore how mental health response is already being conducted across the country, and how this infusion of federal funding can increase access to mental/behavioral health services.

Panel #2 | Radical Collaboration: Breaking Down Barriers, Driving Towards Equity

High-quality mental health systems must produce sustainable, equitable, and patient-centered care. To achieve this, partnerships between likely and unlikely stakeholders can prevail above separate silos and lead to better outcomes. This panel will overview innovative ways in which stakeholders across multiple sectors are partnering and coordinating to improve the mental health and substance use disorder ecosystem. Panelists will inform the audience of model approaches that integrate areas such as health care, housing, justice, and youth-centered organizations to address whole-person mental health care.

Panel #3 | Strengthening our Core: Investing in Workforce to Develop a Sustainable System

Progress cannot be made towards a “perfect” mental health system without focusing on the state of the workforce. The short supply of clinicians and peer support workers, uneven distribution of practitioners, and lack of diversity contributes to an inefficient mental health system that is slow to respond to patient needs. This session will review key strategies that health care leaders are using to recruit, train, and retain a culturally knowledgeable and engaged health care workforce.

Fireside Chat | Senatorial Perspectives: How is Congress Approaching Mental and Behavioral Health Challenges?

Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Mike Crapo (R-ID) will provide a Congressional POV for the next steps in aiding the mental health challenges in the United States. Bipartisan interest in making progress on mental health has garnered support in Congress, with numerous legislative packages being introduced in both the Senate and the House. As potential action on mental health is on the horizon, these fireside addresses will provide additional color and context to where Congress may act on these pressing issues.

Visionary Panel | Innovating Towards the Ideal

As mental health needs constantly evolve, so should the health system along with it. Senior leaders from Alliance Signature Series sponsors, representing organizations across the health care industry, will discuss the opportunities and challenges of developing an evidence-based and innovative mental health care system. Panelists will explore how their organizations are propelling change to accommodate person-centered needs and what the future holds for transformative mental health care.

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