Examining Opportunities For Progress in 2018

The Alliance for Health Policy presents our 2018 Signature Series: Opportunities for Progress. Join the conversation as we assess proposals for change on two critical health policy topics: health care costs and aging.



Past Event

State Opportunities to Address Prescription Drug Costs in Medicaid

The purpose of this briefing was to orient federal policymakers and stakeholders to the legislative and regulatory actions that state officials are perusing to address the rising cost of prescription drugs in Medicaid. Panelists outlined the rationale for these actions, detailed the mechanisms of state policies, and described opportunities to leverage flexibility within federal parameters.

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Past Event

Competition and Consolidation: Understanding Recent Trends in the Health Care Market

This is the first webinar, part of the Beyond the Beltway: Health Webinars for Journalists series, focused on the implications and tradeoffs of the recent trends in the health care market. Panelists helped define the basics of market concentration and competition, how experts measure the effects on different areas of the market, and how regulators approach assessing partnership proposals.

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Essentials of Health Policy

The Latest on Pressing Health Care Topics

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