Care Delivery in the Future: The Role of the Health Care Workforce

Alliance Summit on the Future of the Health Care Workdforce

This half-day summit, the third in a series of three, examined many factors that affect the current state of the health care workforce.

The summit consisted of three panels and two keynote speakers:

Emerging Health Workforce Issues in Times of System Transformation

This keynote explored how many health care professions role are changing in the new age of care, the importance of thinking about workforce incentives being built into reimbursement models, and how we can address some of these issues through policy.


Delivery System Reform and Its Effect on the Health Care Workforce

This panel focused on how delivery system reform has created both challenges and opportunities for the health care workforce. Panelists discussed how delivery system reform has affected care coordination, new health professions, and new requirements in education and training.

The Behavioral Health Workforce

This panel discussed what trends are elevating the importance of the behavioral health workforce. Panelists also covered what steps can be taken to recruit and retain the different professions in the behavioral health workforce and challenges the workforce faces when it comes to providing services that are needed in their communities.

Using ECHO for Workforce Expansion: Scaling Up to Address the Opioid Epidemic

This keynote gave an overview of Project ECHO and how it makes specialized medical knowledge accessible wherever it is needed to save and improve people’s lives.


Caring for an Aging Population

This panel focused on how the health care workforce can be educated and trained to deliver high-value care to the elderly. Panelists addressed how stress, low salary, and limited employee benefits have affected the direct-care workforce and potential solutions for ensuring there are enough workers to care for a growing elderly population.


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