Health Policy Roundup: State Policy Analysis and Priorities

This event was Part III of the Alliance’s Health Policy Roundup and 2022 Forecast series. View all events in this series here.

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While significant attention has been paid to shifts in national health policy, it is equally important to understand the promise, tradeoffs, and impacts on various stakeholders that state policies have demonstrated. Within the last two years, state policymakers have introduced various innovative proposals to try to contain health care costs and improve access and affordability of care for consumers. States are generally uniquely positioned to enact and implement policies more quickly than their federal counterparts to generate change in some key areas, including provider payments, long-term care, and prescription drugs.

This briefing provided a round-up of state-level policies enacted during the past few years that are focused on cost containment, complex care, and drug pricing reform. Panelists overviewed health policies implemented and evaluated at the state level, synthesize major lessons and takeaways from these policies, and highlighted states or programs to watch in 2022.


  • Stephanie Anthony, J.D., MPH, Senior Advisor, Manatt Health
  • Colleen Becker, MPP, Senior Policy Specialist, National Conference of State Legislatures
  • Suzanne Delbanco, Ph.D., MPH, Executive Director, Catalyst for Payment Reform
  • Maureen Hensley-Quinn, MPA, Senior Program Director of Coverage, Cost and Value, National Academy for State Health Policy
  • Mark E. Miller, Ph.D., M.A., Executive Vice President of Health Care, Arnold Ventures (moderator)

This event was made possible with support from Arnold Ventures.