Measuring Quality for Person-Centered Accountable Care

New payment and delivery system models for Medicare, Medicaid and private coverage rely on accurate quality measures to improve care for patients. The Alliance held an in-depth briefing on what it means to design “person-centered” quality measures, and how the patient perspective can be used to improve how care is delivered to patients with complex needs.

The briefing drew from the goal statement and four essential attributes of a high-quality system summarized in “What Matters Most: Essential Attributes of a High-Quality System of Care for Adults with Complex Care Needs,” published by The SCAN Foundation, as well as ongoing work by the National Quality Forum and National Committee on Quality Assurance to develop person-centered quality metrics.

  • Bruce Chernof, The SCAN Foundation
  • RoAnne Chaney, Michigan Disability Rights Coalition
  • John Bernot, National Quality Forum
  • Erin Giovannetti, National Committee on Quality Assurance
  • Nelly Ganesan, Avalere Health
  • Sarah Dash of the Alliance for Health Policy moderated the discussion

Alliance briefing on quality measurement

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The Alliance is grateful for the support of The SCAN Foundation to make this event possible.