New ‘Health Policy Handbook’ Overviews Foundations of Health Care and Health Policy

Contact: Sarina Katz

Washington, D.C. — The Alliance for Health Policy announces the publication of the Health Policy Handbook, a new resource for members of the health policy and public health communities.

Written, reviewed, and edited by a cadre of experienced health policy experts, the Handbook is designed to serve as a primer for congressional, executive branch and support agency staff, journalists, and others who are interested in a quick-study of the key foundations of health policy. This new “desk reference” streamlines trending topics in health policy into six, easy-to-read chapters.

“The Alliance has long served as a go-to resource for policymakers on Capitol Hill,” said Sarah Dash, President and CEO of the Alliance for Health Policy. “This Handbook is a key part of our mission to educate and prepare the next generation of health policy leaders and will offer staffers and others at the start of their career with the latest guidance on some of the toughest health policy challenges facing our nation.”

Each chapter of the new Handbook offers a topical introduction, historical context, and an overview of current policy tradeoffs – all written from the Alliance’s neutral, multi-stakeholder style. Chapters cover budget and spending, coverage, provider rates, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, prescription drug financing, and dual eligible beneficiaries.

The Health Policy Handbook was organized by the Alliance for Health Policy in partnership with Health Affairs, and made possible with generous support from Arnold Ventures.

The Handbook was written by Purva Rawal, Ph.D. (CapView Strategies) and Rodney Whitlock, Ph.D. (McDermott+Consulting). Rob Lott (Health Affairs) served as editor.

The Health Policy Handbook is publicly available online.

About the Alliance for Health Policy

The Alliance for Health Policy is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping policymakers and the public better understand health policy, the root of the nation’s health care issues, and the trade-offs posed by various proposals for change. We believe a better health care system begins with a balanced exchange of evidence, experience, and multiple perspectives. Regardless of their point of view, our audience recognizes the Alliance’s reputation as a well-respected source for unbiased health policy information.

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