Message from the President: This is Your Alliance One of the things about the Alliance is that when we changed our name in 2017 we kept the “Alliance” part. With every day that goes by I think that is more and more important, because what we’ve learned is that the strength of the Alliance lies in the diversity of the people: Our staff, our board, our team, our network, our speakers, the people who participate in our programs, and our audience. I think one of the really special things about the Alliance is that it isn’t just what we think, our mission to educate, to bridge, to advance knowledge and understanding in health policy is so much bigger than any one of us. What’s really clear to me is that it’s not just our alliance, this is your Alliance. If you come to the Alliance, whether you find us online, or you actually come to one of programs in person, this is for you. We are here, we have a mission to serve you if you have a thirst for knowledge, if you want to learn, and if you want grow personally and professional in the field of health policy, this is your Alliance. ∼ Sarah Dash, President and CEO, Alliance for Health Policy
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