Understanding the Medicare Population and Consumer Affordability

This event was Part II of the Alliance’s The Future of Medicare series. View all events in this series here.

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Medicare provides access to health care coverage for older adults, as well as people with disabilities or other qualifying health conditions. While Medicare provides comprehensive health coverage, many beneficiaries do not have access to additional benefits, including dental, vision, and hearing services. Out-of-pocket cost sharing requirements also pose challenges for beneficiaries. This session provided insight into the Medicare population, enrollment trends, and affordability considerations for beneficiaries in traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage.


  • Lindsey Copeland, J.D., Director of Federal Policy, Medicare Rights Center
  • Tricia Neuman, Sc.D., Executive Director for Program on Medicare Policy, Kaiser Family Foundation 
  • Eric T. Roberts, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Health Policy and Management, University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health 
  • Loren Saulsberry, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, The University of Chicago Department of Public Health Sciences
  • Brandon G. Wilson, Dr.P.H., MHA, Director Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation, Community Catalyst (moderator)

This series was made possible with support from Arnold Ventures and the Commonwealth Fund.