consumer-directed or consumer-driven health plan

A form of health insurance that combines a high-deductible health plan with tax-favored health spending accounts into which employers or individuals contribute pre-tax dollars to be used for health care purchases. These mechanisms aim to change employees from...

continuing care retirement community

Housing community designed to provide different levels of long-term care under contract. Services usually include home care, support in an assisted living facility and care in a nursing home.

coordination of care

A set of mechanisms that ensure patients and clinicians have access to, and take into consideration, all required information on a patient’s conditions and treatments to ensure that the patient receives appropriate health care services.


A flat amount paid out of pocket per medical service, for example $5 per office visit. (Contrast with coinsurance, which is stated as a percentage, for example 10 percent of the total charge up to a specified maximum.)

core measures

Specific clinical measures that, when viewed together, permit a robust assessment of the quality of care provided in a given focus area, such as acute myocardial infarction.