managed care

A health care delivery system that seeks to control access to and utilization of health care services both to limit health care costs and to improve the quality of the care provided. Managed care arrangements typically rely on primary care physicians to manage the...


Used in two senses in health policy discussions. (1) Employer or individual mandate, in which a government body imposes a requirement on some employers to help pay for insurance coverage for their workers (and perhaps their families), and/or on certain individuals to...

market basket index

An index of the annual change in the prices of a selection of goods and services providers used to produce health services. Also referred to as an input price index.

matching funds

Funds that one entity pays in a set proportionate amount to funds available from other sources. For example, the federal government matches state Medicaid funding at varying rates.

meaningful use

In an HIT context, meaningful use defines the use of electronic health records and related technology within a health care organization. Achieving meaningful use also helps determine eligibility for incentive payments from the federal government under CMS Incentive...