gatekeeper/care manager

A health care professional, usually a primary care physician, who coordinates, manages, and authorizes all health services provided to a person covered by certain types of health plans. Unless an emergency exists, the gatekeeper generally must pre-authorize referrals...


A generic drug is a drug identical to an innovator drug that is marketed after the innovator’s patent period ends. Generic drugs can cost 75-80 percent less than the original brand-name drug.

global budget

A fixed maximum expenditure for a defined set of health care services for a covered population. Global budgets are intended to constrain both the level and rate of increase in health care costs by limiting them directly.

graduate medical education payment

Medicare payment to approved teaching hospitals to cover the costs of training residents. The GME payment comprises both the direct GME payment, which pays for the direct costs of training residents, and the Indirect Medical Education Adjustment, which pays for the...