graduate medical education payment

Medicare payment to approved teaching hospitals to cover the costs of training residents. The GME payment comprises both the direct GME payment, which pays for the direct costs of training residents, and the Indirect Medical Education Adjustment, which pays for the...

green house project

Small communities of elders and staff set in a home-like environment that function as long-term care facilities. The centers provide the assistance and support necessary for each resident, but focus on social living, rather than on medical care.


In a health policy sense, a complaint filed because of dissatisfaction with the quality of care by a provider or with customer service or some other action by a health plan. Medicare fee-for-service, Medicare health maintenance organizations and Medicare Part D...

gross domestic product

The market value of all finished goods and services produced within a country’s borders in a given period of time.

group insurance

Health insurance offered through business, union trusts or other groups and associations. The policy holder is generally the employer or other entity. This system of health insurance is the most common in the United States.