home and community-based services

State-designed HCBS encompass case management, adult day care, home health aide assistance, personal care, assisted living services and respite care. Section 1915(c) of the Social Security Act permits the Department of Health and Human Services Secretary to approve...

home health agency

Health care provider organization that renders skilled nursing and health care services in the home. (See home health care and homebound.)

home health care

Health services rendered in the home, including skilled nursing care, speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation therapy and social services. Medicare covers some home health care services if the beneficiary is homebound but does not...


Condition required to receive home health care services under Medicare and generally interpreted to mean that the beneficiary cannot leave home without excessive effort and does so only infrequently, for no more than 16 hours per month for non-medical reasons.


An organization providing medical, emotional, spiritual and social help, often in the patient’s own home, for those expected to live less than six months. If a person qualifies for Medicare Part A and has a terminal illness, Medicare pays for hospice care,...